Why Choose King Parallel

Good working atmosphere and unique growth space

Since the founding, the King Parallel has determined the "professional, objective and neutral" principle clearly and committed to creating value for customers. Thus, the basic requirements of the King Parallel for consultants are to own the life ambition, rapid learning ability, team spirit and leadership potential. And the staff of the King Parallel are all talents with the above qualities.

As the King Parallel always deeply believes that the corporate development depends on the first-class talents, it spares no effort in gathering talents, teamwork and full authorization, thus forming the flat, open, authorized and proactive working culture, and providing good learning opportunities for talents, mainly including the opportunities of basic training, collaboration with top experts, and direct dialogue with policy makers and corporate executives.On this basis, it can allow consultants to quickly acquire management and consulting knowledge and skills, and eventually cultivate them to be the professional and business leaders with the forward-looking vision, strong overall perspective and the differentiation thinking.

The King Parallel creates the following unique growth space for consultants: 

■ Have sufficient opportunities to talk directly with governmental policy makers, senior leaders in large-scale central and local SOEs, and CEOs from various other companies

■  Have sufficient opportunities to show talents to the society, and enough space to accumulate professional brands of individuals and teams

■  After working for 4 years, the company can recommend the employment to large central enterprises, local enterprises and other enterprises according to their wishes

■  The staff with the enough abilities and contributions can be promoted quickly, without considering the qualification, age, seniority and gender

■  Employee ownership

You are welcome to contact us directly. Please send your resume and intention statement to our email:corp@kingparallel.com