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Along with the strengthened environmental uncertainty, the development of information technology and the emergence of massive information, those enterprises have included the all-round competition covering multiple dimensions of the operation, market, resources, R & D, brand and talent, instead of focusing on the competition of simple products, services, costs and prices. With the accelerated economic and social development, the competition among enterprises has also been upgraded and updated, thus realize the constant innovation of organization and management.

Enterprise case

According to Huawei's development process, it can clearly indicated how it has become China's leading large company continuously through upgrading and reforming its corporate organization from a small company. In the earlier stage, along with the development of business, Huawei has has fallen into an unpredictable dilemma in the complex environment due to its increasingly formed scale. To get out of the predicament quickly, Ren Zhengfei launched the drafting of Huawei’ s Basic Law to cover the opinions at all levels, in order to unify the ideology and consciousness. However, after the promulgation of Huawei’ s Basic Law, the limited effects still led to the difficult and effective management within the enterprise organizations. Thus, to solve the effective management of the enterprise organization, in 1998, Ren Zhengfei promoted a management reform movement with the IBM consultancy for 5 years, with a total investment of 4 billion consulting fees and related costs, as well as 8 management reform projects of the IPD (Integrated Product Development), ISC (Integrated Supply Chain), IT system reorganization and financial unification required for the transformation of world-class enterprises in the next three to five years.Under the IBM's consultation, this management change has shifted Huawei's model from the departmental management structure to the model with business processes and production lines as the core. After years of implementation, Huawei has gradually established a world-class R & D management, product development and operation, financial management and human resource management systems, thus fully improving the overall capabilities of the enterprise.


To ensure the accuracy of decision-making, Bridgewater, the world’s largest hedge fund, has attached great importance to the balance between the collective decision-making and professional decision-making. In the Bridgewater Fund company, both fresh graduates and seniors must adhere to the "absolutely true" and "absolutely transparent" corporate culture. Employees would spend 15 minutes a day on "the management code training", and also analyze various meeting materials at different deadlines, including the recordings, videos and documents, to point out the targeted problems. The Bridgewater Fund always can encourage employees to express their views freely, write memos in the problem diary, publicly discuss the reasons why employees failed to complete their tasks and also maximize their potentials. An absolutely transparent management mode is also implemented, which can be reflected in the promotion of employees. All meetings must be recorded and open to all employees, but no gossip is allowed. The pursuit of excellence, accuracy and continuous improvement not only allows each employee to maximize their potentials and inspire the innovation, but maintains good relationships with colleagues and customers.


Management issues that enterprises require to solve

■    How to improve the corporate governance image, establish a strategic board of directors, and provide effective institutional infrastructure for the operation of enterprises?

■    How does the organization match the strategy to effectively support its implementation?

■    How to build the agile, efficient and dynamic corporate organization in the market?

■    How to achieve more efficient and accurate decision-making and better motivate talents through promoting the organizational change and management innovation?


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