Human Resource Management

Conducive to the strategic implementation, as well as better attracting, motivating and retaining employees in line with the career requirements

Major challenges faced by enterprises

l Difficult to attract, retain and motivate core executives and key talents effectively.

l  The executive compensation plan is not related to performance, or the relevance is not clear.

l  Increasingly difficult to ensure the comprehensive compliance of executive compensation plans in the context of frequently changing policies and regulations.

l  How to ensure that the compensation strategy is consistent with the strategic objectives of the enterprise.

l  How to establish a sound salary structure that is consistent with the market development trend and the internal rank system.

l Failure to arrange the suitable personnel to match the corresponding skills, knowledge and experience.

l  How to evaluate and design welfare plans (such as pension, housing, health care and savings) to meet the needs of employees and better control the company's costs.


Our consultation

l Design of annual cash compensation plan for senior executives

l  Employee compensation plan design 

l  Long term incentive plan design

l  Employee benefit plan design

l  Staff growth channel design

l  According to the theory of "excellent operation" initiated by the King Parallel partners, excellent performance objectives are established based on strategic orientation. And the decomposition of performance objectives is not only based on the vertical division of labor of the organization, but the horizontal collaboration of processes, thus building the performance management mechanism within the enterprise.