Government Policy

Through combining with mechanism design, policy test, big data analysis and other methods, assist the government in making scientific decisions and reasonable and effective policies with the perspective of industrial evolution, enterprise strategy and technological innovation.

Challenges faced by the government decision-making

■    Higher expectations of the society for the governmental policy.

■    Policies need to meet the challenges of multiple demands and multi-dimensional goals.

■    The increasingly complicated environment, the uncertain economic and social evolution, and the increased difficulties of decision-making.

■    The governmental demand for economic development remains unchanged, but the internal logic and external path of economic development have changed significantly.

■     It is more and more difficult to balance between the stability and dynamics of policies, the short-term and long-term effects, the direct and indirect effects.


What can we provide?


Our advantages

■    The founder has been engaged in policy consultation in the development research center of the State Council for over ten years, serving as a senior researcher and director of the SOE office.

■    Participate in the top-level policy designs for the SOE Reform in the new era.。

■    Obtain the high-level instructions of the central government twice.

■    Industrial evolution, enterprise strategy and technological innovation. Mechanism design, policy test, big data research and judgment.

■    Methodologies for mechanism design, policy testing, big data research, etc.

■    In line with the evolutionary laws of industry and enterprises, with strong landability.