About Us

Core competence-can create value-strategic positioning

Who are we?


This is a fundamental question that any business organization must answer. Although there are many perspectives to this question, the essential perspective is to focus on your core capabilities and creating values, and then give the strategic positioning.


The core competence of the King Parallel is the deeper understanding of enterprise reform and development through years of research and frontier exploration and accumulation, which can help establish the comprehensive formulation abilities covering strategy, management, enterprise reform and government policy, as well as form the multi-level, cross-domain knowledge system.


Regarding the values that the King Parallel brings to customers, it can provide solutions with the high strategic vision, frontier innovation and strong implementation effect for customers, in order to help them better cope with the system reform and complex business innovation, timely solve major problems, establish leading advantages and fully achieve the leapfrog development. 


Based on the above core abilities and value creation, the strategic positioning of the King Parallel is to become a leading high-quality comprehensive innovative solution provider.