Founder's Words


Since its establishment, King Parallel Consulting Company has made great progresses in the three dimensions of professionalism, teamwork and service after the hard work and forging ahead. Moreover, it has formed unique professional abilities in key areas and cultivated a high-quality consultancy team, as well as established the principle of pursuing perfect quality.

In the current knowledge economy era, commercial consultancy and policy consultancy, being the core of the knowledge industry, will play an increasingly important role, and also significantly strengthen the scientific, rigorous and forward-looking decision-making of the government and enterprises. Based on this judgment and its own characteristics, the team has clarified the mission of "assisting customers to establish a leading advantage with high-quality comprehensive innovative solutions" and the values of “ making every consultancy classical".

The economic and social globalization, the equalization of information dissemination, and the diversification of learning methods have not only accelerated knowledge evolution process, but required the consulting industry to carry out innovations and better provide intelligent services for decision makers. In the future, the King Parallel will continue to explore the frontier key areas, gather and cultivate highly dedicated consultants, rely on more scientific research methods to analyze policies and industry trends during the consultation process, in order to promote the leap-forward development of customers with high-quality comprehensive innovative solutions.

We sincerely hope to cooperate with policy makers and decision makers to jointly create the brilliant future!