Whole process strategic management

Integrated strategic solutions

The whole process strategic management model of the King Parallel’s research and development realizes the process management of the strategy from strategic insight to strategic formulation, to strategic decomposition, and then to strategic implementation. The starting point of strategic management is to grasp the strategic opportunity point and window, formulate the company's strategy covering the business selection, target market, business model, control point, target and strategy, and then further decompose the strategy horizontally and vertically, monitor and evaluate the implementation. If external environment, internal development of the company and other factors can cause the failed adaption and achievement of current strategies, the existing strategy shall be adjusted.

Strategic insight is the basis of the whole process of strategic management. The core of strategic insight is to study and judge the macro environment, industry and industrial chain, market supply and demand, and competitive enterprises accurately. The King Parallel team has rich experience in macro-economy, social development, industry and industrial chain research, market research, enterprise competitiveness analysis, and also accumulated a large number of cases, which can provide the accurate economic, industrial and market research and judgment for customers, and help them accurately grasp strategic opportunities.

The formulation of strategy is the core of strategic management in the whole process. We need to accurately study and judge the company's core competitiveness, advantages and disadvantages, consider the resource integration scope and ability growth scope. On this basis, we also need to discuss the strategic opportunities and windows with customers, determine the strategic direction, strategic objectives and development path that should be both farsighted and practical.

Strategic decomposition is the key premise to ensure the implementation. It is necessary to effectively decompose the strategic objectives, key tasks and main outputs at all levels, and establish a strategic performance management system that is compatible with the company's strategic docking, resource integration and ability growth, and better matches with the tasks of all levels and positions. At the same time, it is urgent to make changes in the organization, process, incentive and salary of the enterprises, so as to ensure that the organization and the people are compatible with the strategy implementation in the process of strategy decomposition.

Strategy landing is the process of strategy implementation. The key to strategy implementation is to carry out various functions of strategy management, including organizational change, process adjustment, establishment of incentive mechanism, and personnel post adjustment. In addition, it is necessary to monitor the progress, effect, environment, risk and other situations of strategy implementation, so as to better adjust its strategies according to the changes of environment and the specific implementation effect.