“Two hundred actions” of SOE Reform

Provide a comprehensive reform plan with strategic arrangement, strong systematization and landing ability

Main challenges facing enterprises

l  Fragmented reform makes it difficult to push it forward and can not solve the corporate problems

l  Change for the sake of change, the failure to disconnect with the needs of enterprise development, and deviate from the promotion of organizational vitality

l  Difficult to match the company's positioning and strategy

l  Difficult to ensure that the double hundred action plan complies with policies, laws and regulations

l  Difficult to ensure the orderly promotion of double hundred actions

l  Non-effective two hundred actions


What can the King Parallel provide

l  Solution of strong systematization and organic connection of each module

l  Match with the company's positioning and strategy to effectively support the long-term development

l  The solution has strong operation features and can be processed and institutionalized

l  Guidance in the program implementation process


Strategies or processes of the King Parallel

Based on the development strategy of the enterprise, it takes the strategy as the guide, adheres to the leadership of the Party to reasonably solve the historical problems, providing customers with relevant plans of mixed ownership reform, corporate governance structure, market-oriented operation, incentive and constraint mechanism. Moreover, through combining with the actual situation, it explores effective reform paths to meet the development needs, and deeper level of demands, thus better seizing the development opportunity and realizing the bigger, better and stronger development.