Business Model Innovation

Internet + era

Major challenges faced by enterprises

l Why does the seemingly excellent business model fail to incubate smoothly in a large enterprise and win the corresponding capitals?

l  How to solve the embarrassment situation between the large amount of the product market development investment and the poor sales and profiting pressure of enterprises?

l  How to ensure the matching between the operation system and the value proposition and profit model to form a closed-loop business model?

l  In the process of business model implementation, how to ensure that the development direction of the enterprise can be consistent with the expected business model?


What the King Parallel can provide and what customers can achieve

l  We will improve or optimize the weak links through the diagnosis for customers' existing business models, help customers establish a closed-loop business model and improve the ability of independent innovation, so that enterprises can own the excellent core capabilities to achieve the rapid development.

l  Assist customers to promote products and business model innovation through vertical integration of industrial chain, focus on the product innovation and channel innovation, and continuously rely on the technical innovation to lead the industry and market. 


Methods from the King Parallel

Through the independently developed business model evaluation model, we evaluate the customer's business model from the aspects of value proposition, effectiveness of operation system, profit model, internal and external ecology and competition threat, constantly improve and optimize the existing model to innovate the business model.

Analyze and judge the current market, technology and intellectual property distribution of products, and then assist customers in technology development and R&D to achieve the corresponding product and technology innovation.